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GDRP - Privacy policy... We do from time to time photograph the bar and function room during functions, to publish on our website and Facebook page. For our Privacy Policy click here. CCTV is in operation at all the time.

South Shore Cricket Club is a members’ club and they are allowed to use its premises at all times. However you are unlikely to encounter many of them. There is a members’ only area, which is roped off during your function for our members.

The club reserve the right of admission and require inappropriately behaved individuals to leave the premises, at the bar staffs discretion.

You are hiring the function room, not the grounds and buildings around, it is your responsibility to supervise your guests that NO damage is caused in or around the club, as you will be liable for the costs.


The room charge is non-refundable if you cancel the booking, however we will allow you to re- book the same function within 6 months from the date you cancel.


Guests may be asked for proof of age, we operate Challenge 21 at all times within the club and any guest seen purchasing alcohol for younger guests will be asked to leave the premises.


If your function is an 18th or 21st Birthday, then 50% of the guests must be over 25. If this is not the case on the night, then the function will be cancelled.


The club cannot accept any responsibility for items left on its premises before, during or after your function.


The club cannot accept any responsibility for vehicles or their belongings using the club car park, but your guests are welcome to leave their vehicles on the car park overnight.


After the bar closes you have 20 minutes to drink up and you and your guests must vacate the premises promptly.


Only drinks purchased from the club bar are allowed to be consumed on the premises, any other drinks will be removed. The person/s drinking the beverages may be asked to leave the premises. (Children's parties can purchase jugs of juice from the bar. you cannot supply your own juice).


  If using our caterer the food will be served at a time agreed with you, and after approximately 1 1/2 hours, the buffet will be condensed and items removed.


If using your own or outside catering the food and all equipment/plates etc will need to be packed away at least 1 hour before last orders, to avoid a delay at the end of the night. All the food and equipment must be cleared and removed on the night by you. It is your responsibility to provide your own tablecloths, cutlery, plates and all other equipment.

If using your own DJ it is your responsibility to inform the DJ that all their equipment must be removed off the club premises at the end of the night.


ROOM DECORATION: Only blu-tak is allowed which must be removed at the end of the night  (All blu-tak to be removed at the end of the night or you may be charged).  

HELIUM cans must not be left on the premises.


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